The Pumpkin Wizard Book Reviews

I Like it because Halloween is my favorite Holiday and I think Tom is cool. I also loved the pictures.
Riley Age 7 — Massachusetts 8-10-2017 — Hand Giving


Little cousins loved it!!!!!

My cousins absolutely loved this book! I got it for them as a Christmas gift (they are 6 and 9 years old) The 6 year old was so drawn into the pictures and the 9 year old loved it. The pictures were amazing and the message was definitely clear to all. Don’t let anyone bring you down and never let others bully you into someone your not. There is so much detail to the pages. It was a huge hit for Christmas 🙂
on December 27, 2015 — Amazon 

This book is absolutely amazing and heartwarming and I loved the story. I totally enjoyed the creativity and beautiful illustrations. I shared it with my friends and their children and will purchase them a book for their birthdays. I have it on my coffee table and it looks so awesome.
Susan Hanrahan — Florida 3-28-2017 — Facebook Review